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Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, it's summer.  Break out the bikinis and get a sweet tan...if you have time.  I've been working 6 out of 7 days on average this summer at the movie theatre and UBS.  The movie theatre is lame and I think I'm outgrowing it, but UBS is awesome.  I basically do everything that they don't have time to do, which is kind of cool.  Everyone in the office is really nice and they are ambitious.  There is something about really ambitious people that I admire.  I get to sit in on client meetings and everything. 

On another note, I've been cooking and baking up a storm.  Let's see...I've made schnitzel, shrimp and pasta, plum crumble, and my next experiment is cake batter ice cream!  I really think I should be at culinary school with all the food I like to make.  Oh well.  That can be my next adventure.

I am also taking a class this summer- lovely public speaking.  I actually love all the people in my class so far.  There are adults and people my age, and everyone is so interesting.  The only hard part is reading (because we have quizzes??) and getting the motivation to actually write a speech.  In the summer, it's probably the hardest thing ever to sit down and do work.

Just an update.  I'll tell you about my sister's party later.  :)


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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Translating sucks
    Wow, translating really sucks.  I have been translating my german homework for an hour and a half.  It's all this abstract crap that I don't understand.  On another note, translating life sucks too.  Just putting that out there.

    So, first I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!  Yes, I went to Clarion this weekend and had a jolly good time.  Now i am back in Happy Valley and hittin' the books.  I feel like the amount of work i do is far more than I should be doing...blah  this is a much needed break.

    So, I happened to be browsing the recommended sugar intake per day and it's ridiculous.  Apparently we are only to have 40 g of it a day.  that's 10 teaspoons or about...two cookies. haha Impossible!

    I haven't talked to the TLT in a long time.  I really hope everyone is doing ok.  I didn't want to call this weekend because of the accident.  I was a bit tipsy and that would not be appropriate.  I just can't believe those kids are in the hospital. 
    My brain is entirely too fried to be writing right now.  Last night was a rough night also.  I just wish i knew the answers.

    I'm in a kind of weird mood...I'll write better next time...


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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Break is gonna break
    Hey ladiesss and gents
  So, I'm on break.  It's been great!  I've seen soo many movies and I've eaten christmas cookies every day for the past 3 weeks haha.  Yeahh  I'll be going to the gym when I get back!  But other than that...I've been feeling really unproductive while here.  I feel like I need to do something so I'm ready to go back I guess.  I just hate the whole packing and unpacking thing...the readjustment part i guess.  Right now I'm just trying to beef up my music library.  I am so not into the music being produced lately.  I'm a true 90s music girl i guess.  I am soo excited that the clarks are coming though to psu this february, though!!!

  It feels weird that a semester of my college years is over.  When I was a freshman in high school, it wasn't that big of a deal but after college what is there??? a job? haha it's strange to think that possibly in 3.5 years I'll be done studying, testing and i'll trade in some fuggs for heels. whoaa

  I'm not much into writing lately.  Post again soon.


Currently listening to:
By JoJo

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Monday, December 18, 2006
Wow, I'm trying soo hard to focus and it's not working.  I still haven't even started finals yet and it's killing me.  I just want to get some out of the way, PLEASE. 

On a brighter note, we had dinner club today so that made me glad.  I went to the gym today, but I could barely do a thing so I think I need a break to recover.  The only problem is that I am soo bored and sick of studying that I constantly think about eating.  Tonight, there's a study break at 10:30 with lots of breakfast foods and cookies and ice cream.  It sounds soo tempting, but I don't need the sugar.  I don't know what to do and I just got a huge whif of popcorn and I think I'm going to eat a small child. 

Well, I am back to studying.


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yeah, i'm two
1. Does anyone know your password to your myspace:

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds:
I haven't been to McD's for at least 6 months

3. Are you an emotional person?
Lately, yes

4. Do you like your name:
Yeah, it's ok...I like Sue, Susie but not really's too serious

5. Do you believe in love at first sight:

6. Ever felt jealous of your friends:
I'm sure

7. What was the last thing you did:
I've been studying for finals!!!! :(

8. Who is right next to you:

9. Who was the last person you ate dinner with in a resturant:
Heather, my love!

10. What song are you listening to right now:
justin timberlake - my love

11. How's the weather right now:
It's cloudy and sad, but warm for December

13. Last lie you told:
Um there was this boy...

14. Last song you sang:
crap, i can't remember

15. Do you like anyone?
Yes :)

16. Lost a friendship over something stupid:
Yes, but i regained it!

17. Last thing you drank:
Hot Fudge Sundae Cappuccinoo

18. Last thing you ate:
Cracklin' Oat Bran

19. What did you do 2 nights ago:
Drank Liquor off a christmas tree and played Wii

20. Faked being sick to miss school:
yea when i was two

21. What time did you wake up today:
8:30 am  don't know why

22. Last person you texted:
Pat, the bro

23. Last person to text you:
Pat, the bro

24. What are you wearing right now:
a tank and some lounge pants

25. Are you too quiet to ask anyone out:
Yeah, actually I'd be too lazy

26. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex:

27. Where are you right now?
my dorm

28. What date and day is it:
monday the 18th of December

29. Did you go anywhere today:
no, but I'm going to the gym pretty soon

31. Where else are you going today:
downtown to get a few things, the business building to study, and the commons for a study break :)

32. Are you watching TV:
Not right now, bernie is sleeping

33. Are you mature or immature:
Totally mature.

34. Are you closer to your mom or dad:
I would have to say my mom but I am more like my dad and we get along better

35. Are you an only child:

36. Whats the most annoying thing people say to you:
lately, it's been hey sue, how are you??  hey!! that rhymes!! don't know how many people say that

38. Do you like music:
Yes, although it's weird.  I don't listen to music nearly as much as i used to

39. Do you want to get married:
Yes, i do :)

40. To whom:
the right one

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Waiting on the world to change
Hello All!
  Happy Holidays!!  I am in the writing mood!  Things are starting to really slow down now.  I am so relieved to have some time to think about other things that are completely USELESS!!!  So, let's wrap up the past few months shall we??

  Wow, what a first semester.  Hard adjustment personally for me.  It has nothing to do with schoolwork or's just people and maturing and not being so goofy that really affected me.  I miss my friends for that.  I realized the other day that I haven't cried laughing for a verrry long time. 

  I can't remember what I wrote in the previous entry, but I got an apartment with 7 other amazing girls.  I love them to death!!  We are living in 609 and 611 ;).  I spend my weeks taking notes, playing in the concert band, and helping out with Thon store.  My only breaks are my shows...dh, gg, and grey's oh and America's Next Top Model...p.s. I'm so glad karidee won!!

  This weekend was fun.  I went to the free theater and saw the Guardian.  it was so good!  There's something about a man in  I shopped a lot and got almost everyone's present.  :)  I also got this really sweet top that I hope to wear sometime soon!  This weekend is the Drink the Tree Party which I am pretty stoked about. 

  But before the weekend, I have one more project to finish.  My german project.  It's gonna go fine, but it's still there and has to be done which bothers me.  We are talking about cars...wooo  I have the best partner aka Jen.  She's uber cool and we are keeping in touch after the semester is over.  We are going to have "macchiato mondays" ha ha  I read an article today about how a little coffee is good for you ...yessss

  SO many of you I know are taking finals and little miss amy renee is probably snug in her potter home dreaming of sugar plum fairies...can you tell i'm jealous??  i still have 8 days...not bad i guess.  The weekend will go by fast.  :) 

  Well, I WAS in a writing mood but now I'm totally not.  Until later...


Currently listening to:
Waiting on the World to Change
By John Mayer

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Sunday, November 12, 2006
November Sunday
Crazy times.  I'm in college now.  It's been a rough transition I'd have to say.  It was definitely very shocking and persuasive, but I think I found myself now and I know where I stand.  The first couple weeks were kind of rough because I was put on an International floor and all the international kids gravitated towards each other and all the other kids stuck together.  I didn't find my group of friends yet.  I tried to open up with the girls on my floor, but they were just too hardcore and it was really effecting my decisions. 

  I ended up visiting carie one day on the fourth floor and she introduced me to her lovely 4th floor friends.  They remind me a lot of the TLT in a way, but different and I love it.  We're getting an apartment together next year and I'm sooo excited! 

  The schoolwork here hasn't been too bad, but it's definitely a lot.  German is my hardest subject and it's the one I'm trying to major in?? sweeeet.  Anyways, I happen to like all my classes instead of cmpsci 203.  it sucks.  haha

  I'm gonna cut to this week.  So, basically I've been cutting down the days until Thanksgiving,  I believe it's 9 now?? yes!  But in the meantime, of course I get sick.  Terribly sick.  Sore throat, headaches, the works and the worst of it is that I am still exhausted.  I think I have mono and there's no antibiotic for it.  SWEET.  haha So, i'm trying to get over that. 
  Friday, I went to the Dean of Smeal's house.  It was crazy.  I was talking to business professionals or at least I tried to.  What am I going to say?  Yes, I am a

  Yesterday, I went to the game but I was exhausted.  I could barely stay standing at the tailgate.  blah

  haha basically, i'm sick but I'll write again soon and it will be more cheery!


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Monday, August 28, 2006
2 days
Well, somehow I packed all my clothes into one hugemungous suitcase.  It's about 200 lbs but I can't leave home without it.  My room actually has a floor again.  wooo

So, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy to catch up with the rest of the world and it is sooo damn good.  patrick dempsey is mighty fine and all the characters are interesting.  The only problem is that I can't watch the surgeries.  It really makes me dizzy.  But, other than that it's an amazing show.  I'm really surprised it didn't win an emmy last night.  I did start to notice one thing though.  There are no old people that get surgeries.  They are all between 30 and 50 with the occasional drama queen teen.  In real life I would imagine more old people that had heart attacks instead of the one guy that got keys stuck in his throat and a huggge tumor on this farm girl.  But hey, I'm not complaining.  It's soo interesting I say bring it on.  I already know people in my hall want to watch it and i'm all for it!

so i painted my nails purple today.  yes, purple.  I don't know why.  Well, purple is my favorite color even if it represents gay men.  I'm not a man nor am I gay.  I'm a girl so I can like purple.  purple it is today.

what else what else.  nothing really.  mel has a roommate that is leaving because she is so homesick!  I can't believe it.  It's only been like 2 weeks, I think I would stick it out at least a month before dropping out, besides, today there are so many ways to keep in touch.

Well, I think I'll pack a little more. 


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Thursday, August 24, 2006
It's all so sad
  What a sad day.  It really hit me today that people are leaving.  Laura leaves today on MEG's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Megan!!!  And Amy and Matt leave Friday.  I keep spending time with everyone but it just seems like I'll see them tomorrow but i won't.

  Well, I can't talk about that without a slow song coming to mind so im changing the subject.  My birthday week is officially over.  I passed it over to megan dearest.  haha

  Today my mother called for me to come home at 11:30.  meanwhile im 19.  I was furious.  we fought.  just the thing i want to do with her right now.  I can't help it.  Doesn't she realize i will be up until 2 am at least every night at penn state.  She says one day ill tell her she's right but im pretty sure i won't.  I have trouble making the right decisions sometimes but at least I do it on my own. 

  Usually my day has ups and downs but tonight was just downs.

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Monday, July 31, 2006
angels and demons review

  Well, I finished reading Angels and Demons today.  It ended differently than I had imagined.  I was like this has to be the end.  all the people died!! but there was still 50 pages left!  i pretty much enjoyed the book.  It took a while to get to the good part i felt.  In the beginning, it was very scientific and mathematical and after reading some of dan brown's bio I now understand why.  his father was an esteemed mathematical professor i think.  Anyways, after the neurons and protons and such it started getting really juicy and the best part was that he actually had actual facts all over the place which made you really feel like you were with the character.  ok the next part you might want to not look at if you plan on reading it

  but I can't believe how he killed off all of the preferiti.  That's what makes this story good.  The last cardinal died and all the main characters that are in the d code were still alive so why are there 50 pages left.  good page turner!!

  I think the best part of the book was that it spurred my interest to learn more about my religion.  I'm really interested.  After I reaad my list I might look into it.

Here's my summer list in case you were wondering

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Angels and Demons
  • everyoneworthknowing
  • The Guardian
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The devil wears prada

as you can see i am a fourth of the way there


I made tiramisu tonight.  it has a lot of alcohol in it but it was not our doing.  the recipe made us do it. he he

and tomorrow is beading nite!


that's it . fort pitt.

love sue

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